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We believe that Patients should have the flexibility to choose between In-Home, Virtual, and In-Office care where the circumstances allow. Further we believe that they should have the simplicity to do it from one platform.
We believe that Patients should be able to avoid exposure to other potentially sick patients. In-Home and Virtual service are the safest ways to offer this avoidance. When the circumstances do not allow for those, Patients should be able to schedule an appointment and wait in the comfort of their home until receiving a notification that their Healthcare Provider is ready to see them.

We believe that Patients should have more access to more services and providers regardless of what network they are in, or if they can afford an ER visit.


We believe that Healthcare Providers should be able to deploy their compassion and services to all who would seek them. They should not be limited by the red tape and accounting involved in expanding acceptance of various insurance networks.
We believe that Healthcare Providers shouldn’t be burdened by the risk of incorrect insurance billing, nor the need to hire forensic accountants to avoid it.

We believe that Healthcare Providers could reduce administrative and even real estate cost while providing exceptional care.


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Computer Programming

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About Vital Neural Networks

VITAL is an app-based platform developed by VITAL Neural Networks, LLC for the purpose of revolutionizing the way Patients and Healthcare Providers interact.
In the current environment, and especially in light of COVID-19, we the founders of VITAL Neural Networks sought out to give Patients the freedom to avoid exposure while waiting for an appointment that should have started three hours ago. At the same time, we saw a need to address and correct the business disruption that Healthcare Providers have experienced as result of the COVID-19 pandemic or any other that may arise in the future.

In an era of technical renaissance and political healthcare debate, there have been varied attempts to tackle the inefficiencies of the system, but none that truly address the typical day to day Patient to Healthcare Provider relationship.
Our Goals are simple, our solutions are technical:

  • Relieve Patients of inconvenience

  • Reduce risk of exposure

  • Broaden Patient access to healthcare

  • Increase price transparency

  • Expand the reach of Healthcare Providers

  • Streamline insurance and billing processes

  • Reduce the cost Healthcare Providers incur in the process of proving exceptional care

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In-Home Care

  • VITAL uses complex and unique layers of programming to pair Healthcare Providers to Patients based on

    the service need and Provider qualification, insurance and billing parameters, scheduling, and geo-


  • Patients can easily request an appointment, prompt or in the near future, and see all Healthcare

    Providers available and qualified.

  • The Patient gets to choose who fits their need best and receives the luxury and safety of concierge

    service without the added cost or commitment.

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Virtual Care

• VITAL pairs Patients to Healthcare Providers for virtual service where needed and appropriate.

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In-Office Care

• Through the same programming as with In-Home Care, VITAL acts as a scheduling agent that allows Patients to schedule office visits, check in via the app, and receive a notification when they should leave their home or work to arrive at the Provider’s office and avoid waiting and potential exposure risk.


COVID 19 Testing

In partnership with Well Health, VITAL offers Mobile On-Demand COVID 19 testing.


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